Application Domains


Cloud / On-Prem / Hybrid / Multi-Cloud

Take your pick, or mix and match object storage vendors. Leverage S3-compatible object storage, or AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud. Create new buckets, or continue using existing ones. Public buckets, private buckets, all at your fingertips. Contact us to see how cunoFS can help you.

Big Data

Slow, expensive storage can prevent organisations from scaling up their data operations, experiments, and key insights. To truly harness your data, you need storage that can truly scale as your data scales. Whether you are on Hadoop, Spark, or other big data platforms, running HBase, or just want to visualise with RStudio and Shiny, talk to us to learn more.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences has become extremely data intensive, resulting in organisations requiring tens to hundreds of PB of data. However, most life sciences tools/software either have slow, limited native-object support or usually only support POSIX file systems. Analysing and processing data at that scale requires fast, scalable storage, and support for bursting into the public cloud.


High performance computing is grappling with a diversity of workloads that, especially with machine learning, needs ever higher performance and scale, whilst budgets are as tight as ever. Organisations are increasingly also looking to the public cloud to burst demanding workloads.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has become one the most challenging areas for data storage. Not only does it demand tremendous throughput to feed GPUs, but it needs to do so with lots of small files. Whether you are using TensorFlow, PyTorch, Dask or other frameworks, talk to us to learn more about how cunoFS can help.


The media industry is dealing with multiple challenges in storage, production workflow management, distribution, and streaming. Whether you are in geo-distributed content production needing globally redundant shared storage, grappling with the storage performance challenges of Omniverse authoring, looking at efficient Lambda transcoding or static/dynamic packaging, we can help.