A fast, simple, cost-effective EFS alternative

cunoFS takes over seamlessly from EFS, leveraging S3 to accelerate workloads

Tired of slowness and cost of AWS EFS?

Almost everyone who uses AWS EFS experiences how painfully slow it can be, particularly for large files or lots of small files. The slowness becomes a deal-breaker for scientific or media workloads that require fast access to big data.

EFS can also be expensive, leading to overspending by thousands of dollars in your AWS budgets.

cunoFS is a fast, simple, and cost-effective AWS EFS alternative

cunoFS is a performant filesystem for accessing object storage.

As an alternative to EFS, cunoFS takes advantage of the throughput scalability of AWS S3. By itself, AWS S3 is very performant and cost effective for storing and accessing large volumes of data. However, it’s not as easy to access objects in S3 compared to reading files from a filesystem. Some applications simply cannot work with S3 objects and require local files on disk.

cunoFS allows you to mount an S3 bucket as a local drive, and delivers blazing-fast access to objects. cunoFS has been tested at throughputs of 50 Gbps per node, and 10 Tbps+ in aggregate on a cluster of nodes.

This is between 2x and 25x faster than operations on EFS.

cunoFS is also much less expensive. For commercial and academic workloads, the cost of cunoFS is about one-third of that of EFS. And cunoFS is free for personal use.

Key features of cunoFS


Unlike EFS, cunoFS is POSIX-compatible. Run workloads on S3 buckets mounted through cunoFS as if they really were a local folder, with user/group permissions, symlinks, hardlinks, POSIX ACL

High performance

cunoFS delivers super-computing levels of performance using S3. Tested at 50 Gbps per node, and 10+ Tbps aggregate throughput. This is fast enough even for HPC and scientific workloads.

Seamless migration

Keep using EFS while cunoFS migrates files to high performance S3 storage in the background. No expensive or time-consuming migration required. Switch back to EFS anytime with no risk.

No lock-in

cunoFS doesn’t modify or scramble your data in any way. You can still access your objects through other means, such as the AWS CLI, at the same time. And you can easily migrate off cunoFS at any time.

cunoFS advantages compared to EFS

Proven Cost Savings

cunoFS empowers you to save up to 90% on your storage and access costs compared to using EFS, allowing you to make the most of your resources, without sacrificing performance.

Significantly Faster Performance

Experience a new level of file storage performance with cunoFS. Unlike EFS, cunoFS leverages the throughput scalability of S3 to optimize application performance. Enjoy faster data access and lightning-fast file transfers, putting you ahead of the competition.

Smooth developer experience

cunoFS is POSIX-compatible. Use cunoFS through the POSIX commands that you are used to, and run applications that expect files, folders, and POSIX metadata seamlessly on cunoFS.

See cunoFS in action

cunoFS is a brand of PetaGene. Since 2016 we’ve helped customers cut storage costs, boost performance, and secure their mission critical data. Our customers include Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies.